​​​​Note: We are sorry to inform you that Alexandria is currently fully Leased/rented.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For any additional information,  please email at info@ahaddis.com or please call at 251911103857 or 251911516052



The best hotel apartment in town, Alexandria offers a unique opportunity to have the best of both worlds: convenience  and luxury at a reasonable price.

Situated in the quiet district of Bole about 100 meters from Bole Road on the Road to the European Union (EU) Delegation. Located right in the center of town residents will enjoy the best of bole shopping, dining and recreation. 

Exquisitely modern One and Two Bedroom Apartments with Modern design and furnishings illuminate the spacious living spaces. the high ceiling design renders spectacular view of the city.

Note; we are sorry to inform you that alexandria is currently fully leased.